Starting Grounds Church

The Following are some of the works created during my time at Starting Grounds Church in Battle Ground.

2018 Life Verse

Above: Filmed and Edited by me. Filmed on DSLR and edited on Adobe Premiere Pro.

Easter Video 

Above: Filmed and Edited by me. Filmed on DSLR and edited on Adobe Premiere Pro.

Facebook Live Project

Starting January 2017 I began producing Facebook Live Broadcasts weekly, we have not missed a broadcast since. Below are some of the recent broadcasts. (Note: I was able to accomplish these broadcasts with less than $1000 dollars in equipment. Over the time we have been broadcasting, the equipment has more than paid for itself.

Interactive Welcome Center Project

The two videos below were created as a prototype of sorts. The plan was to mount a TV Vertically on the wall, and display information interactively. Buttons placed on the wall would trigger a different video to be played (Each with different information). Unfortunately the budget for the interactive wall was not approved.

Mockup of interactive Wall:

Above: This would be the main looping Screen. I edited this using Adobe Premiere and the Text Effects using Apple Motion
Above: This video would have played after the About Us button was pressed. Also created using Premiere and Motion.

ProPresenter Slide Redesign

I implemented a new slide design for sunday services using photoshop to create .png images to use as transparent slides.

I move to a new slide design with a change in font Quarterly.

Maple Valley Presbyterian Church

As a Youth member, my creative skills were put to use at the church I attended youth group at. The following are videos created while I was still in High School.

Advent Videos 2011

Below is a playlist of 30, 2 minute videos created in 2011. We posted one video everyday during the Advent Season.  I filmed and edited each of these videos. The videos were a great promotion on social media.

Church Annual Budget Video

In 2011, we created a DVD to be shown in the small groups about the church budget. I filmed and edited this video. Please note: It is a fairly dry video.

Stewardship Committee Videos

While living in Maple Valley, I served as a youth member on the Stewardship Committee for the church. Below are three promotional videos I created while serving in the Committee.

Above: Graphics used in this video were stock media, and not my creation. I performed the editing.

Above: This video was filmed and edited by myself. The following clips were not my creation: Farmer in the field, landscape flyover video clips,

Above: The audio was recorded by myself. Majority of graphics were stock photos/videos. Edited by myself on Adobe Premiere. Several short clips were filmed by myself.